Today's scary movie is another one that I've seen coming up on the suggested movies list when I watch other horror films. I hadn't really checked it out, the description written about it not really grabbing my attention for whatever reason. Kevin, the bossman, brought it in on DVD and lent it to me the other day, and insisted I watch this movie. I'm glad I did!

Blood Creek (2009)

Kind of before Michael Fassbender (Prometheus, X Men: First Class) had really built the name he's building now, he appears in this amazing movie with Henry Cavill (the new Superman) and Dominic Purcell (who you'll recognize from other stuff like Prison Break).

This movie has a vampire (sort of), zombies (sort of), Hitler, an eclipse, tons of blood, and a great story! Hitler sent several occultists looking for some mystical stones that could turn the tide of the war by giving them supernatural powers. The good news for Hitler, the stones work and give Michael Fassbender power. The good news for the rest of us, it didn't make itout to help them win the war. Seventy years passes and, I mean Cavill's long-missing brother returns to get his brother's help destroying the monster that was feeding off his blood for years.