This is a fun movie, it's not incredibly scary, but it has some cool scary bits in it, as well as some humor and odd behavior in it. Mostly from Scooby Doo and Scream alum Matthew Lulliard, who plays a medium who sees dead people. It's not as fun for him as it is for people in other movies. The main focus is on Tony Shalhoub and his hot-as-hell daughter Shannon Elizabeth as they move into their new house and discover what has been trapped in the weird place with them.

I know what you're thinking, "Does Shannon Elizabeth get naked?"

Yes, but you don't really see anything, since this is PG-13, and she was trying to be a star at this point and was shedding her American Pie nekkididity image. Which was a bad move for her, as she faded away because of this. There are some cool ghosts and tricks, like not being able to see the ghosts unless you're wearing raquetball goggles. One of the ghosts DOES walk around in the buff quite a bit, but I'm still waiting for the R-rated version to see more of her. It's a fun movie, check it out.