Clive Barker scored a few great scary movies early on in his career, with the fantastic Lord of Illusions, and of course, the movie that pretty much launched his career, Hellraiser. This movie shocked people when it came out for it's themes and content, all which I love. It seared into people's memories words and images for things like Cenobites, the Lament Configuration puzzle-box, and mostly Pinhead.

The wife and step-mother to newcomer Ashley Laurence has discoverd a secret in her home, the return of her lover, who's also her brother-in-law. The blood spilled on the floor of the room where he had opened the puzzle-box began his return to this world, and he recruits her to bring more blood to finish his return. Of course she does it, and poor little Ashley gets caught up in the whole sordid mess, and she discovers the Cenobites and their desire to experience pleasure through torture. Sounds fun, right?