Okay, I'll stand up and admit it. I'm a sucker for exorcism movies. The possession stuff is cool and scary. Ever since I saw The Exorcist, I've been interested in these kinds of films. The Devil Inside is one of the newer films that people complain tries to outdo The Exorcist, but it's still a great creepy movie. Yes, you've seen a lot of the tricks in the film before, but it doesn't stop them from being effective in building scares.

The Devil Inside (2012)

The "documentary" style horror has become a huge franchise-style for a while, since the Blair Witch Project was so hugely successful. Some of them are really bad, some are pretty good. I like this one, as it doesn't really give in at the end. It could have given us a boring Hollywood ending, but doesn't, it leaves you with an ending that seemed to tick off some people.