There are some adventures that are worth traveling for especially those that give you a rush. Normally most hike through nature to experience the beauty it has to offer.

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Luckily, there is another exciting way that will have you feel the rush and take the risk. Sure we have seen people zipline over tourists in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But there is a more peaceful zipline you must put on your bucket list that isn't too far. The place is Wimberley Zipline Adventures located at 376 Winn Valley Dr, Wimberley, TX 78676.

Now, sure it is almost a 9-hour drive, but is totally worth it for the view and to check off your list. You can get a general idea of what to expect on the zipline in Wimberley by watching YOLO TX TV's YouTube video below.

In Las Vegas, you only are allowed to ride on one zipline going straight across. While the zipline at Wimberley Zipline Adventures offers a 10-zipline tour of beautiful sights.

If you're afraid of heights then maybe you should steer clear of this daredevil mission. But if you have always wanted to zipline through nature make sure you do it in Texas.

Plus, after zipping through different areas you're rewarded with a fun way to mellow out. After you finish ziplining you can enjoy a cold one at the beer garden just outside. So if you want to feel the rush and take the risk make sure you take the family ziplining this summer.

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