Guitar superhero Zakk Wylde has been transmogrified into a puppet in the new ‘Question of the Episode’ segment of a Foam Foolery cartoon. The cartoon borrows audio from the interviews that Revolver commissioned the always entertaining Wylde to do at the Metal Masters 2 clinic prior to the Big Four show in New York City earlier this year.

Here’s the back story: While interviewing bands, Wylde grilled them on who has a better rock beard: him or Anthrax‘s Scott Ian. Yes, we know. That is a question for the ages that can be endlessly argued, discussed, pontificated upon and more, since both men are in possession of pretty rad facial fuzz. The audio answers to that question have been twisted, refashioned and reworked in this video.

The host Beardon, with his long chin pubes and denim vest, argues that it’s his beard that is best. We can’t even explain it – you have to watch. We just walk away from it knowing that beards are powerful, omniscient and magnificent things and so are puppets.

The puppet version of Zakk Wylde is pretty spot on, too. Watch for yourselves, headbangers.


Watch Zakk Wylde as a Puppet Discuss the Best Beard in Rock