These guys are so awesome!!

I've heard of these guys, had checked out some of their stuff and even had the pleasure of meeting some of them on previous occasions. The Cowboys From Hell Paso are a Pantera Tribute Band that got started in 2009, they have rocked onstage with Vinnie Paul and are heading out on the road again. So I thought since their tour is kicking in this Wednesday, August 28th, (at Club 101) it was time I catch up with the guys and see what they have been up to and also chat about their upcoming tour.



These guys are such a trip. But it doesn't end there. Dubba G and I kept the cameras rolling after the interview and they got to share some hilarious stories.



Never a dull moment with these guys! So this Wednesday, August 28th join Eddy, Matt, Geo and Ernest at Club 101 (9515 Viscount Blvd) with guests Undying Hate and Texas Roadkill. Doors open at 7pm.

This is going to be a kickass show. So hope to see you all there!!