If you frequently visited Cuidad Juarez to drink legally if you were under 21, then you know of Esther. So many teenagers that traveled to Juarez to drink got to know and love Esther. I guess you can say Esther always looked after a customer as if we were one of her own kids.

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If you have ever visited the strip on Avenida Juarez then you know she monitored that area. There are so many people that remember her from either Dirty Derbs aka Tequila Derby or Renos. Esther was the kind of woman that kept us from landing ourselves in Juarez jail.

You could tell you were in good with Esther when she would hook you up with the homie discount. Especially showing up with a big group of friends she would hook you up with a discount. Well, back in 2008 a writer for Borderzine shared a story that some of us are also familiar with involving Esther.

The writer Crystal Robert shared her experience about knowing Esther over the years. Crystal Robert also mentioned the rumor that was spreading around town about Esther being shot in Juarez. It was 2008 when Crystal Robert shared a personal note on the writing of Bloody Battles Batter Business.

But if you scroll down to the comments section someone comments about Esther still being alive in 2014. In fact, Johnny 5 mentioned that Esther being shot was just a rumor. Johnny 5 shared how he sees Esther often at the Armijo Library Branch downtown or the Walmart on the Westside. I remember Esther always treated my friends and me like we were VIPs the times we would visit Tequila Derby. The compilation of songs you remember hearing at Tequila Derby can be heard above from DJ PI2FO. Please share your two cents on whether you knew Esther or not from the strip in Juarez below in the poll.

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