If you weren't happy with your Thanksgiving turkey, don't be too quick to blame the cook.

Whole Foods sent emails to some of their customers containing what at first seems scary information about their turkeys. The emails were letting folks know that some turkeys did not meet Whole Foods standards.  Not that they were bad mind you or that people might suffer ill effects after eating them, it's just that they didn't quite meet Whole Foods standards. Don't panic if you got one, there is NO health hazard attached to these turkeys. Having one could mean a $50 Amazon gift card for you though.

A “small number” of fresh market turkeys that were purchased from Whole Foods “did not meet our high expectations for quality,” the letter from Amazon customer service said. The note stressed there was no known food safety or health risk with any of the turkeys, but still, its recipient would be given a $50 Amazon gift card credited to their account. - KVIA

If you bought your turkey at Whole Foods, check your inbox for the message and details on the $50 credit. To be honest, though, you probably didn't get one if you live here in the Borderland as the turkeys in question seem to have only been sold in Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Still, though, you never know. Be sure and go through your emails and spam folders carefully.

If you are wondering why these customers are getting an Amazon gift card, that's because Amazon owns Whole Foods.

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