It's been vacant quite a while now but, not for much longer.

The old Toys 'R Us building at 801 S. Mesa Hills will reopen as an indoor theme park, possibly as soon as Valentine's Day. Urban Airz is behind it and the new parks, (Yes, "parks" ... plural; they're opening two. More on that in a minute.), will feature an indoor climbing wall, trampolines, and rope swings along with games like dodge ball and laser tag. (Check out all the attractions here.)

For adults who want to unwind without playing games or exerting any real effort at all, there will be a cafe on-site offering, among other things, beer and wine. For even more relaxed "adulting", the parks will also have daycare services. They will also, now and then, be open only to those with special needs.

The other park will be on the east side at the other (former) Toys R Us location, 9801 Gateway West. (McRae at I-10).

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