Here's something else to take your minds off being confined at home. Many bands have changed a member or two throughout their careers but, these guys ... wow.

Being in a band is a lot like being married and, like many marriages, band relationships often end in breakup(s). Some temporarily, some for good. Some just a few times, some a LOT. Just about every band has gone through it. (Except for ZZ Top, those same three guys have been at it for 50 years now. Seriously. Watch the video above.)

I'm not counting solo acts who routinely hire new people for each tour/album like Alice Cooper, (70-something) or Ozzy, (43). I'm talking "bands" like:

It's not just the classic rockers racking 'em up over decades. Many, more contemporary bands are getting up there too:

And none of those are counting studio musicians and extra touring personnel. Technically, there are even more...