If you were planning a pilgrimage to Mount Cristo Rey this year, you will need to make other plans.

For decades, the Faithful from across the Borderland have flocked to Mount Cristo Rey during Holy Week and on Easter Sunday to make the climb to the Christ figure at the top.  Some to give thanks, some to pray, some as a show of faith or some just to commune with God. This year though, thanks to COVID 19, it doesn't look like that is going to be possible.

Mount Cristo Rey is closed until further notice and all Holy Week activities have been canceled to help keep visitors and volunteers safe, according to the Mount Cristo Rey Restoration Committee. - El Paso Times

The same post, on the Mount Cristo Rey Restoration Committee Facebook page, added that "You will not be allowed to climb and are encouraged to stay home until this crisis passes." 

Understandable but, sad. If ever there was a time to reflect, pray and draw closer to God; it's now.

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