There will be some kids that will be able to experience a full day at school thanks to Ysleta Independent School District. Normally, most Pre-K students go to school for half a day. I remember when my son enjoyed how school was not that long as it will be for some students in YISD. Once my son moved up to the next level, he was not fond of staying in school longer. He got used to his Pre-K schedule going in at 8 am and getting out at 11 a.m.

But for some parents, this new change could really help them out since daycare is pricey. Luckily, parents of a soon to be Pre-K student will have the advantage of their child being taken care of. Your child will be under great supervision but also help you out by keeping your child longer. Your child must be 4 years-old either before or on September 1st. There are other requirements that you can see those requirements they have put up.

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