(Midland, Texas) - Let's face it, we all get angry sometimes. It's just human nature. Some people let it go immediately and move on, and some people throw soup.

How we handle the anger is important. Do we take a deep breath? Perhaps scream into a pillow? Breaking something is also an option, but it could cost you.

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One woman in Texas is currently sought by police for just that- destroying something that wasn't hers. Unfortunately for her, it was all caught on video.

Order Confusion Leads To Property Damage

CBS 7 has the details regarding the incident. The video, provided by Midland Crime Stoppers, shows an unidentified woman before, during, and after the moment she freaked out on employees at a Wingstop in Midland.

Back in March 9, the woman reportedly approached the counter in a tiff because she was unsatisfied with the policy regarding online purchases and credit cards at the restaurant.

As seen in the video, after arguing with the employees, the woman proceeded to push over the cash registers in the establishment. Due to the destruction, the woman caused $21,000 in damages to the eatery.

Now police in the area are looking for her. It should be noted that the name on the card she used was not her own. If you're reading this in the Midland area and you've seen this person, please go here to leave your tip. If your lead helps capture her, you could receive a reward for your assistance.

Moral of the story? Remember to remain calm and cool, because problems can be solved easily when you're level-headed! But before we go, one excellent comment from the Facebook video post:


Truer words have never been spoken.

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