A couple nights ago I received a really weird text. It came from a random 915 number it said the following:

Thanks for registering for the COVID-19 vaccine with the City of EP. We need more info to complete your registration. Click on this link : https://www.vaccineep.org

This seemed really odd. Maybe my phishing radar was a little over sensitive this day because I had just taken my companies phishing scam test. Be aware of anything weird that doesn't quite look right. I ended up hopping on my laptop and went to the website vaccineep.org and it goes to a dead end. There is no page there.

This is legit though. CLICK HERE, and you'll see what should be at the link. But you'll notice there's more to the website. If you haven't signed up yet, follow that link and fill out the information. Here is the order of how things go:

  • After you've registered you'll receive a confirmation email with a description of the next steps.
  • Once more vaccines become available, people will move forward in the queue, and you will receive an email or a text when you are eligible to get the vaccine.
  • You can then book your appointment online.

Now, here is the important part. There are different ways to get the vaccine in El Paso. Lots of people are registering in multiple places. If you've registered this way and, let's say, through UMC, you might get called to UMC first. If you do, you need to send an email to removevaccinelist@elpasotexas.gov so they can take you off the City's list.

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