It was 10 years ago today that Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone. Then the first iPhone went on sale just a few months later. Here is a Yes or BS quiz about the iPhone.

  1. Apple has now sold over a billion iPhones.
    1. Yes - They sold their one billionth iPhone last July.
  2. If you completely drain your battery on your iPhone and then charge it, you'll spend about $35 a year in electricity.
    1. BS - It really doesn't take that much to charge the iPhone. It's somewhere between 2 and 7 kilowatts of electricity per year, which ends up being less than a dollars worth.
  3. Steve Jobs had some fun when he first unveiled the iPhone and prank called Starbucks from the stage.
    1. Yes - He called a Starbucks in San Francisco and told them he wanted to order 4,000 lattes. You can see the video below.
  4. The iPhone 2 is the fastest selling iPhone so far.
    1. BS - There was no iPhone 2. It went from the iPhone straight to the iPhone 3G.
  5. Apple reportedly had to pay over $1 million for the domain name
    1. Yes  - Even though they don't use the domain name anymore, it does forward you onto Apple's website.

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