Everyone is gearing up for Wrestlemania and Jimmy Fallon is too! He had WWE superstars on his show to show us they can trash talk, even using kids' trash talk. Wrestlemania is this Sunday and everyone is excited to see their favorite superstars competing in the ring to win the gold. If you're a fan of wreslting, one of your favorite parts has to be the promos, where wrestlers get to show off their mic skills and give us the best trash talking and comebacks they have. Some superstars excel at this, like Little Miss Bliss and the Princess of Staten Island, while others......well, at least they have other skills. During The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy decided to bring out some of WWE's biggest stars to see if they can turn any trash talk into an intimidating statement. Even little kids' trash talk. Check out the hilarious video above. I'm pretty sure Braun Strowman could be ordering a sandwich at Subway and I'd be terrified.

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