The U. S. Forest Service shoots goats with paintball guns.  I guess they couldn't find anyone else to play with them.......

Trust me ... I do not make these things up.  The U. S. Forest Service was having trouble with a few unruly mountain goats along the Olympic National trail and had to go (paintball) gunning for them to get them to back off.

That's not all. Forest Service personnel also sprayed them with repellent and even yelled at them.  (Great.  Any minute now, the Governments going to be sued by some goat anti-defamation league for oppression and hurting their little goat feelings.)

Don't worry though! If you get tired of the beautiful ... not to mention goat - free ... Franklin Mountains, you can safely hike the Olympic National Trail. If you are accosted by an "unruly goat", Forestry officer Kurt Aluzas says you just have to;

Stand your ground and don't back down.

There you go .... sound advice from the U. S. Forest Service. 

Who themselves prefer to shoot the goats with paintball guns and repellent rather than follow their own simple advice!


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