WTF Wednesday, watching for weirdness since ... well; it's been going on awhile now.

Mirna Valenzuela hit the slots at an Arizona casino and won $1200.  Good for her right?  When she had to ID herself to collect though, she was found to be an illegal immigrant.  This led to her arrest and deportation to Mexico. Read more.

Her daughter, Zamira Osorio, said that her family:

felt discriminated against and that Casino del Sol Resort should put up a sign that they don’t want illegal immigrants playing at their casino

WTF??  A sign saying "no illegal immigrants allowed"??

The last time I checked, it was a fairly well known fact that being an illegal alien is a crime.  Now we need signs telling the illegals where they can and can't go?

Does that mean I need a sign in front of my house saying burglars and thieves (and politicians!) are not allowed?

I guess, in all fairness, stores should post signs saying shoplifters are unwelcome as well. Since we already have "No Guns" signs at the bank .... maybe we should add a picture of a bank robber to the little red circle with the gun!?!?

The thinking of some people gives me a WTF-ache.......

What do you think?