Howdy!  Time for another WTF Wednesday blog!!

This time around, I found myself a little short on time and couldn't find anything really all that WTF-ish.  Sooooo, I thought I would address a personal WTF involving the blogs we post here at

For quite some time .. since we started this pretty much .. I've been complaining about a photo service we use.  Which shall remain nameless for the time being. (The "quick" readers will figure it out.)  Anyway, I HATE running searches with this service. NOTHING is ever where you would think it would be.  You want a picture to go with a blog about desks, you type desks into the search tab and you get photos of desks. Right?? 

No? Ok, how about "furniture"? Still nothing.  That gets sooo frustrating!!  (Even more so when you finally do get the desk picture by searching something like "flat wooden surface used by many to write on lined paper with a blue pen" and THAT does it.) Sometimes, I really do have to get THAT damn detailed to get the result(s) I want.

Ok, I'm done WTF-ing.  Here are a few examples of what I go through to put a lovely picture with my striking prose here each day.  I "searched" a few simple words and posted the first picture that the search generated for you to check out. Enjoy!!



COMPUTER (My Favorite today) =

Ok .. seems we have a theme going with the ladies.  Let's try "dancer"


How about SEX?!?!  :)




I've always felt that my computer was female because of how it operates.  After seeing the results of todays searches, now I also believe it may be a lesbian. 

See what we go through to bring you these insightful, enlightening and ever so interesting blogs folks??  Honestly ... WTF??

(So as to not leave you feeling totally frustrated by todays WTF Wednesday, here's the computer again!)