Shaynna Lauren Sims, a 26-year-old fruitcake from Oklahoma, wasn't at the funeral of her guys ex-girlfriend to pay her respects.

Sims was seen with her hands in the casket but bailed when the mother of the deceased approached her. That's when police report that the family noticed:

A large vertical cut stretching from the woman’s hairline to the tip of her nose. The makeup on the corpse was also smeared and there was hair belonging to the deceased woman on the floor next to the casket.

Guess where police found Sims?  In the dead lady's apartment!

She conned her way in by telling the dead woman's son that she needed to select some jewelry for his mom to wear at the funeral.  Cops searched her and found scissors, a box cutter, and a folding knife with the dead lady's hair all over it.  WTF?

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