WTF-ness ....... at it's finest!!

So, you think you can dance? 

Surprisingly, it's not the dancing that's got me wondering on this one.  It's Keisels' beard.  WTF??  This was during the filming of a Head n Shoulders commercial ....... do they make a beard and stomach shampoo also??

Weirdness courtesy of yahoosports! 

Look, a one eyed shark!!  Be nice .... the joke you thought was coming, isn't. This is a family site.   Sort of. 

Anyway, check this out and I dare you not to say WTF??  (Or Ewwwwwww ... whichever.)  This thing doesn't look like a shark so much as the character Billy Crystal did the voice for (Mike Wazowski) in Monsters Inc! 

Read all about him here from

Finally ....... another animal story to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. And to make you go OHHHHHH!!


See you next WTF-ing wednesday!!