With the black outfits and mask, sullen expression and general "F" it all attitude; you just know Batman is a metalhead!

Batman has found himself a hobby!  When he isn't kicking the crap out of Joker or Two Face, he's rocking with his homies Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing.  They aren't bad either, delivering a pretty solid Dethklok cover.

Check the Bat Band out tearing it up live before Batman resumes his butt kicking ways. The best part is where a bad guy gets the crap "twerked" out of him by Batman at 2:05.  In true metal fashion, Batman gets the babes too.  He sets up an "8 way" with cartoon hotties like Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy.  (Oh, C'mon .... you've thought about it. May need a shot after Poison Ivy though!)

Yeah ... It's good to be The Bat!  (Careful, language is NSFW!)

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