Found a few things for you today; a trifecta of WTF-ness!  They're finding feet  in Vancouver, penalizing friends mourning friends in Ohio and apparently it's not about "what you do" in Syracuse, but "how much you make doing it"!

I'm really not sure where to start this week.  Let's go with the sports story first.  Another case of "PC gone to far" I think .......

I understand the "excessive celebration" penalty in football.  Very rarely do I agree with it, but I get it. (If the celebration is very inflamatory, causes the game to be delayed or incites a riot; maybe you shouldn't do it.)  Pointing to the sky after a score.  WTF is wrong with that??  Watch the video below and read the story for yourself from yahoosports

Not to mention it wasn't even a "celebratory" move; just a tribute to a lost friend.  (With all the hugging going on, you barely even see the pointing anyway!)  This ref's kid must play for the other team!

Now, from good kids treated badly to bad kids not being treated badly enough.  Actually, I think they're being treated just fine.  Others however, seem to disagree.  Here's the short version: two teenagers beat the WTF out of an old man and took his money.  They were caught, found guilty and the judge threw the book at them.  The end. 

I'm fine with that.  People say that it isn't fair though because the robbery only netted the little bastards 7 cents. 

Read the whole story here from

WTF??  Really?  To these people, THATS the issue??  F*** the 7 cents, let's focus on the crime, the age of the victim and the viciousness of the attack. (Not to mention the premeditation.)  They deserve what they got ... and more!  WTF 'em!!

Finally, another (possible) crime story for you.  (Then I'm gonna go take an aspirin. These WTF Wednesday blogs actually give me a headache sometimes!)

Another (Another! As in there were more!?!?) foot has washed up on a beach in Vancouver.  Cops say the foot seems to have seperated naturally from the leg so they don't suspect foul play.  WTF??  Read the whole story here at

Do people routinely .. and naturally .. lose their feet in Vancouver??  Is it like teeth and hair for them? Things that just start falling off/out at a certain age??

Forget the aspirin, I'm getting a beer ....... WTF??