WTF Wednesday x 3!!  I kinda like this 3-Fer thing!!

So, a guy stutters in class.  No biggie, people without a stuttering problem can "stumble" over a word here and there.  But when you are told not to ask/answer questions in class because your speech impediment is "disruptive" ....... That's not right!!  Someone call Roger Daltry!


Seriously, read the st-st-story here via

Now stuttering may not be grounds for a loss of classroom privileges, but bad penmanship??  Now THAT can cost you!!  Check out what happened to this moron. 

Then .. if you're planning a life of crime and DON'T have keyboard access .. go home and practice your handwriting!!


Finally, horses. Really cute when they're tiny and you have them at birthday parties.  Kinda cool/silly when you put dumb hats on them and take pictures. Race horses, you have to take seriously!  Not tiny, don't like hats and HATE whips. 

Read here from 

This stud is mooooooooving out, then decides he doesn't like the game or the player!  WTF???????

Watch the video below!

Awesome!  Bad Rappin', bad Ritin' and bad Ridin' ... the 3 WTF-ing R's!!