The second amendment gives you the right to bear arms, and the right to use nunchucks like Bruce Lee. When Americans think of the 2nd Amendment, most think of people in their homes with a shotgun, rifle, and in some cases even bigger weapons. But who would sit and think that nunchucks could be included in that amendment? One New Yorker thought it could, and even sued the state of New York for his right to bear nunchucks.

Back in 1974, Bruce Lee was the ultimate action hero and karate movies were popular among young kids. The state of New York banned nunchucks fearing children would try to emulate action stars and injure themselves with the weapon. A New York lawyer and amateur martial artist James Maloney had his nunchucks confiscated and he was charged in 2000. In 2003 Maloney decided to fight for his right to own nunchucks and filed a lawsuit against the state. Now, 15 years later Maloney has finally won his lawsuit and hopefully gets his nunchucks back. Maloney's case went all the way to the Supreme Court, before being sent back down to the Second Circuit court for a ruling. On December 14th, Judge Pamela K. Chen found New York's law to be "unconstitutional under the Second Amendment." No word yet if James Maloney is getting his original pair of nunchucks back after this case.


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