I went around the station and played a game of would you rather with my co-workers. I was testing the theory if people would choose fame over an everyday annoyance.

Everyone always complains about the traffic that goes on in El Paso due to all the construction. Hell, even last Thursday people going West and East during the time the truck crashed into the bridge and made traffic even worse! Now there was a group of people who were actually excited to be featured on Live PD during Christmas. This got me wondering if any of our staff here at the station would want a few minutes of fame that comes with trouble or be stuck in traffic. Now, most of the staff said it would be an embarrassment to be featured on Live PD. Looks like traffic doesn't seem too bad for everyone to be choosing traffic over Live PD. Now it would all depend on what you would be featured on Live PD for. Now you have to remember not all suspects were arrested on Live PD. I really dislike being stuck in traffic and people who don't have A/C will know how much it sucks to be in traffic. After watching some of our staff give their two cents, will you agree or disagree with them?

So I ask you, would you rather be featured on Live PD for a few minutes of fame due to bad decision making or stuck in traffic? Take the poll down below!

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