Last summer Colorado brought Bullfighting to life without taking the life of a bull. There are some people in El Paso who would cross the bridge to see the actual bullfight in Juarez.

Bullfighting is not for everyone and actually makes more people upset than excited. There have been several places that held a bloodless bullfight that not only spares the body but the bulls life. The places that have participated in the bloodless bullfight were Las Vegas and Colorado. Bullfighting has been a tradition in Mexico and Spain for many years now. Last year was the first time Colorado held a bloodless bullfight that left some with mixed feelings. CBS 4 in Colorado showed how they made it a bloodless bullfight between the bullfighter and bull. My parents took me to the bullfights often in Juarez when I was younger. Of course I ALWAYS felt sad when they got to the hour of truth.

Take the poll below if you would like to see a bloodless bullfight in El Paso!

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