In Detroit, some people were upset that a local group of Satanists were going to unveil an eight-foot bronze statue of Baphomet, an ancient demonic deity who bears a resemblance to Mr. Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia but with a full-on goat's head.

They interviewed some of the "Satanists" (actually, mostly atheists who like to cosplay and get across their point of separation of church and state).  Then, they got to this guy ...

I was so crestfallen when I learned that this highly quotable gentleman cosplaying as Samwell Tarley was not what he appeared to be. Well, HE may be what he appears to be, a fun-loving satirist (not Satanist) with a flair for the dramatic arts. But the video isn't really what aired on local Detroit television. The man is Andrew Bowser and he's a writer for The Nerdist. He edited himself into the news story. However, he did it in such a way that I thought he was actually riffing with the TV crew.

Well done, sir! As for Detroit, I imagine you've been praying to God for awhile now about the plight of your city. I watch the news and it may be time to come to terms with the idea that the Evil One has taken command of Motor City and only your earnest supplications to him will save your town from becoming even more hellish. Good luck!