I had no idea El Paso Pro Musica had a musician of this caliber as their director.

Zuil Bailey has done some pretty amazing things in his career like performing with symphonies from all over the world, winning grammy awards, touring, recording, and acting in shows on HBO, NBC and A & E. Read his full bio here.

Zuil, who attended the Peabody Conservatory and the Juilliard School, holds many titles including Artistic Director of El Paso Pro-Musica and Artistic Director of the Center for Arts Entrepreneurship at UTEP. In addition to all that, he has recently partnered with EPISD for some "after school" programs designed to help entertain folks during this quarantine and help educate and inspire students musically. You can see one above and watch others on the Making Music Matter website.

Man, this guy is amazing.  I wonder if he knows any of the Apocalyptica stuff.......


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