Back in 2010, a 68-year-old retired school teacher from Smith County shared her complaints on what she believed to be negative lessons being taught in Texas schools. As she stood in front of state public officials, Mary Lou Bruner took a stance against the "the states's curriculum being controlled by outside forces."

Now in 2016, Bruner is looking to win a seat in the Texas State Board of Education. She is in a runoff election for the seat and is most likely to win the state education board seat in November.

Why are some people freaking everyone out about Bruner possibly being on the Texas State Board of Education?

Because of some very questionable comments Bruner has made in the past years.

If Bruner is elected to the board, she could possible change what information is published in school textbooks, therefore, change what students are being taught. If the idea of her statements being shared with future generations doesn't scare you, then I don't know what will. Many weird things have been posted by this woman but here are five of the weirdest things Bruner has said as quoted by The Washington Post.

You can learn more on Mary Lou and what she believes in on her website. You should check out her link about why common core is required to teach kids Islam. Yeah, that's actually on their.

  • 1

    Civil War

    “Slavery is not the Reason for the Civil War. by [sic] Mary Lou Bruner…. Historians waited until all of the people who were alive during the Civil War and the Restoration were dead of old age. Then historians wrote the history books to tell the story the way they wanted it told." - Mary Lou Bruner

  • 2

    President Obama

    "Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his twenties. That is how he paid for his drugs. He has admitted he was addicted to drugs when he was young, and he is sympathetic with the homosexuals; but he hasn't come out of the closet about his own homosexual/bisexual background. He hasn't quite evolved that much! Since he supports gay marriage, he should be proud of his background as a homosexual/bisexual. He is against everything else Christians stand for, he might as well be for infidelity." - Mary Lou Bruner

  • 3

    JFK Assassination

    “Many people believe the Democrat Party had JFK killed because the socialists and Communists in the party did not want a conservative president.” - Mary Lou Bruner

  • 4

    Climate Change

    “Climate change has nothing to do with weather or climate; it is all about system change from capitalism (free enterprise) to Socialism-Communism. The Climate Change HOAX was Karl Marx’s idea.” - Mary Lou Bruner

  • 5

    Muslims Buying Textbooks

    “I think the Middle Easterners are buying the textbooks!” “They’re buying everything else here.” “I think they’re using their influence to get what they want in the textbooks.” - Mary Lou Bruner