If you ever put something in your ear when you were 6, you should make sure it's not there anymore like this woman. This woman had gone to have her ear wax extracted from her ear and the doctor pulled out a surprise!

This woman had been complaining about severe ear pain and was originally diagnosed with impacted wax. Odjer036 published this woman having an ear wax extraction done that turned out to be more than ear wax. She went to the doctor and as they started the procedure she did pull out a big clump of wax but also noticed a hidden gem. After the doctor pulled out the wax, they noticed another discovery in the woman's ear. The hidden gem happened to be a seed that the woman later recalled putting a seed in her ear when she was six. The woman went 22 years with that seed in her ear and finally had it removed at 28 years old. She must have really treasured that seed hiding it deep inside her very own ear!

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