As spooky season kicks off, so does our KLAQ haunted house partnership with 915 Live. This year, KLAQ Presents CarnEvil! We are giving you a twisted take on all the fun you can have at a carnival. We are bringing the clowns, the freaks and everything that comes with terror. Are you brave enough to stare a clown in the eyes? No. Well, how about laughing with them?

We want to give you a chance to experience the CarnEvil on us but you must do something for us. Give us your best scary, crazy clown laugh. You know you have practiced it at least once in your life, so now it is time to show it off. Send us an audio clip of your crazy laugh through the FREE 95.5 KLAQ app. If you do not have our awesome app, you can download it here:

Get our free mobile app

Once you have it, simply open the menu by tapping on the three horizonatal lines in the upper left corner of the app and then tap submit media.


From there, fill out the form then select and submit media. Another menu will pop up and give you a choice of what type of media to submit. For this one, tap 'record short audio clip':


Then, allow the app to access your microphone and record your crazy clown laugh:

Once you do that, we will receive your entry and hopefully, you will receive a call from us at the end of the contest to let you know you won a pair of tickets to CarnEvil. Four different winners will be randomly chosen. The contest will end Friday, October 4th, opening day of CarnEvil. If you need some inspiration, feel free to listen to this video multiple times to get that perfect creepy laugh.