After hearing the news about a bomb threat that occurred at a local bar I've visited, blows. I'm the type that will have that threat in the back of my head if I went back after that incident. I probably wouldn't enjoy my cold drink as much as I used to before the bomb threat took place. If you were a constant customer at Lloyd's Pub, would the recent news scare you away? There have been some places that had tragic incidents happen and bring in more customers. While some businesses had the worst luck and lose a big following after something like this. I'm the type to over think and wonder if that person would come back to follow through with their threat. I will rather be safe than sorry and avoid the places that have had stabbings, shootings, and now bomb threats. In 2016 my ex-boyfriend who worked at a bar (that's now closed) was stabbed then hit by a car outside his work. I never returned to that bar ever again since that horrific night occurred. But that bar sure did gain a lot of customers after the stabbing was all over the news and social media. Would you feel safe returning to Lloyd's Pub after a man allegedly threatened to blow up the bar?