It's one of the biggest drinking days here in the United States but we want to know- are you going out to celebrate? Cinco de Mayo isn't a big party in Mexico but here in the United States. People love to dress up, take a shot of tequila, drink a margarita, eat a ton of tacos, and possibly wear a sombrero. This year, the novel coronavirus pandemic has put quite a wrench in a lot of El Pasoans plans. Instead of heading to one of their favorite Mexican restaurants or tequila bar, some people might shelter-at-home instead of venturing out on this holiday.

With over 500 active cases of COVID-19 in the El Paso area, many are facing the dilemma of deciding if it is a good idea to go out and celebrate the holiday. After the Easter holiday, there was an uptick of cases in the area. Here are the numbers from 2 weeks after Easter (April 12th) according to the City of El Paso:

  • April 23rd- 29 new cases
  • April 24th- 32 new cases
  • April 25th- 74 new cases

This week is Cinco de Mayo and on Sunday we have Mother's Day which is making some experts believe we will again see a large increase of COVID-19 cases in the area. As much as people may want to head out and enjoy a delicious margarita on the patio of a Mexican restaurant in the city, is it the wisest decision? Will the restaurants be packed, stay at a 25% capacity, or end up being mostly empty this Cinco de Mayo? Will you be celebrating the holiday in public this year? These are all questions we may have to wait until tomorrow to find out the answers.

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