What would happen if you tried to suck the life out of a fly or spider? You will be stunned to find out which would make it out alive from the vacuum chamber.

The Action Lab doesn't only test out the vacuum chamber on insects but all kinds of things. They've tested their vacuum chamber on eggs, coke, blood and other sorts of materials. The Action Lab got in some heat because of people calling this sort of project animal cruelty. It's funny because if that were the case, then all of us would be guilty of animal cruelty by killing a fly or spider in the house. This experiment spiked curiosity for the Action Lab because the fly and spider have an exoskeleton. Now they said if the two happen to survive the vacuum chamber, they would be set free into the wild instead of being squished.

Be prepared to be amazed with the results after the vacuum chamber sucks the life out of the fly and spider!