2 of the 3 biggest school districts in the El Paso area are puffin' up.

EPISD and YISD are at odds these days over rules regarding fan attendance at school-sanctioned sporting events. EPISD is not allowing fans to attend indoor sporting events and YISD is.

Therefore, EPISD is not allowing any of their teams to play indoor sports volleyball, basketball, etc, in YISD gymnasiums until further notice. (This coming on the heels of the EPISD superintendent being photographed attending an EPISD game with his daughter.)

The difference in crowd size here, mind you, is minimal. EPISD is only allowing essential personnel into their games while YISD is allowing essential peeps plus two parents per athlete.

I'm no expert but, given the size of these facilities and the cool looking masks available at every convenience store in town, I don't see a problem with a few added heads.

That's just me though, what do I know?

As far as EPISD and the other "big 3" district, (SISD), they're playing a little nicer.

Both EPISD and SISD are sticking to their plan to monitor the Coronavirus cases in El Paso. They say they will make a decision on fan attendance when they feel the time is right. - kfoxtv.com

So EPISD is not coming to YISD's parties because they don't agree. Before this turns into some super expensive, cumbersome, and overdramatized legal venture; here's a thought...

How about we get the administrators for these districts to just go work it out behind not inside one of the gyms after virtual class on Friday? Let's let them settle things like the 8th graders they're acting like do.

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