If you like waiting till the last minute to buy your mom her Mother's Day present, this is not the year to procrastinate. There's a flower shortage going on around the country which means you may have trouble finding the perfect bouquet on the special Sunday.

Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of doing this too. I like to wait until the day of so the flowers will be the freshest possible and last the longest for my mom. My mother and I both believe a house isn't a home without fresh flowers somewhere on display. So it's not abnormal to have a bouquet on an entryway table or on a counter and she appreciates a big, beautiful bouquet. Not to mention she knows quality so I always have to step it up. But this year, I might be getting my flowers a day or two earlier to make sure she gets the flowers she deserves for her special day.

Flower growers are struggling to deal with the demand for the happy holiday that's blooming with fresh-cut flowers. The shortage is due to various reasons including poor weather conditions, political unrest, and pandemic issues in South American countries where the flowers are grown, per PIX 11.

North American growers faced problems too from the pandemic and a difficulty growing season. On top of all of that, flower growers planted fewer flowers this year because of the pandemic. Once the pandemic hit the world, many growers found themselves with an oversupply of flowers, and with no end in sight, they planted fewer flowers for this year.

All of these issues add up to you having more difficulty finding the perfect bouquet for your mom on Mother's Day. The best option? Search around and buy quickly, so you don't disappoint your mom on Sunday.



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