Have you ever wondered why Pauline beer is so popular and the most common at Oktoberfest celebrations around the world?

Every year when Oktoberfests come around, the beer of choice is always:

  1. German (obviously)
  2. Almost always a Paulaner

But why?

Paulaner beer has become a staple at Oktoberfests and beer festivals all over the world. The world's largest Volksfest (or beer festival) is obviously Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. The event is held traditionally the third Saturday in September, although beer festivals all over the world typically use September or October to celebrate the joys of German beer. When you come to one of these festivals you usually grab a delicious, authentic German beer. That beer is usually a Paulaner.

But why is Paulaner the most popular beer at these festivals?

Over 200 years ago, the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig was to be married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The Prince wanted a special beer to be brewed for his marriage celebration and invited Paulaner, along with a select few other breweries to create a beer for the wedding. The marriage reception and festivities were held on the meadow in front of the city gates and all citizens of Munich were invited to attend and celebrate the nuptials. The meadow was renamed Theresienwiese, or Therese's Fields to honor the princess. Local abbreviated the long name to simply Wiesn.

Every year, locals celebrated the marriage with a wild celebration that became known worldwide as Oktoberfest, and the original location is where Munich's Oktoberfest is held to this day. Paulaner's special brew that was poured on the day of the wedding is now brewed only once a year, specifically for Oktoberfest celebrations. The beer is only available while supplies last.

Because of this rich history and its limited availability, Paulaner Wiesn is now arguably the most well known German brews and used the most frequent at Oktoberfest celebrations.

There are lots of other great beers available too so make sure to try them all!

Party like a true German at our Oktobeerfest, happening Saturday, October 1st. Admission is only $10, the first 2,500 people will receive a 10oz. event mug.

V.I.P. tickets are only $30 and they include: entry into the festival grounds which will feature food vendors, a variety of beer gardens with beer for purchase, local artisans, and live music, and parking. Entry into the VIP area which will feature 5 exclusive beers for tasting, a meal, private bathrooms, and a guaranteed glass mug. V.I.P tickets can also be purchased at any Ticketmaster outlet.

Find out more information on this year's Oktoberfest here.

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