El Pasoans and others worldwide are "checking in" to protests in Dakota.

Standing Rock is ground zero in a battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline. An oil pipeline the Standing Rock Sioux tribe fears will destroy ancient burial sites, prayer sites, artifacts and pose environmental hazards. They don't want the pipeline running through their reservation and are protesting, which has led to hundreds being arrested.

Supposedly, authorities are using Facebook to track who is attending these protests so they can be monitored and perhaps arrested. In order to confuse the police, people all over are "checking in" at Standing Rock. Thus, keeping the cops from being able to tell who's really there and who isn't. (Read a check in request.)

There are 800 (estimated) protestors at Standing Rock but NPR reports say 1.5 million have "checked in". Partly to confuse authorities but, also to show solidarity with the Sioux and their cause. Over 300 tribal nations also oppose the pipeline.

If your BFF "went to" Dakota without you, that's why!