If you could bring to El Paso one major concert tour, who out of everyone would you bring? Without a shadow of doubt it would be Guns N' Roses! We could bring this tour titled "Not In This Lifetime" coined after Axl Rose was asked a few years ago of the possible reunion, to the Sun Bowl no problem!

I would even go so far to say it would sell out. It may not be the "original" band but 3 out of 5 original members isn't bad. This concert could and would establish the Sun City as a major player for other bands.

The chances of this actually happening, are slim to none, basically a big fat yeah right! Not only would the concert bring in a lot of money for the band but also El Paso. Think about all the people who would drive here and replenish our fine city with their money! So I guess the name of this tour fits right in with this wish of mine, not in this lifetime!



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