This is a feature we are going to start doing on Mondays: The Mount Rushmore of ______.

We’ll announce on Thursday or Friday what topic goes in the blank. Then, we (mosho and you, the listening audience) have the weekend to fill out four spots on the Monday Mount Rushmore.

For the inaugural week we chose “The Mount Rushmore of…Marihuana”.

If you had to pick 4 people who embody the ethos of weed culture, who would they be? We received hundreds of suggestions via our Facebook chat (Buzz Adams Morning Show on Facebook), via our toll free Neckline (844-805-6325) and also calls into our studio (also toll free at 844-305-6210)

Nominees were debated and vetted and we came up with four name for our Mount Kushmore, our Mary Jane Monument…Stoners who deserve to be etched in Stone.

First, here are the top Honorable Mentions:

Redman and Method Man

Benjamin Franklin

Doug Benson

Brad Pitt

Woody Harrelson

Seth Rogan

Mike Tyson


Barack Obama

Now…our Mount Rushmore of Marijuana (plus a brief explanation of why they deserve it)

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a Texas treasure who has long championed marijuana. Beyond being an enthusiastic user of cannabis, Willie has been an unapologetic advocate since long before being “pro-drugs” has been a socially acceptable position…ESPECIALLY in the traditionally conservative sphere of country music. Of course, Willie has always been a country music outlaw but I believe he has been key to many fans, especially OLDER fans, reassessing the “Just Say No” era attitude toward MJ.

Tommy Chong

I argue strongly that Chong…but NOT CHEECH…deserves a spot. Part of the reason Cheech and Chong quit performing together was, as Tommy has told me, that Cheech wanted to “move away from the pot humor” and Tommy didn’t. So, for about 25 years, Cheech did Nash Bridges and Tin Cup while Tommy did…prison time! For selling marijuana paraphernalia on the internet!! So Tommy Chong has actually suffered for his cause. He’s kind of the Mandela of Marijuana.

Bob Marley

I didn’t initially have Bob Marley on my list but our audience made a compelling enough case for his inclusion. I knew Reggae music is widely associated with marijuana use AND I knew that Bob was the single biggest Reggae star ever. I now know more about Mr. Marley and his pro-weed views. He smoked a lot (like many others who didn’t make the final four) but Bob did it as a religious rite…an OBLIGATION to Jah, really. And I don’t think Marley, unlike many suburban college kids who have his poster in their dorm room, did it as an excuse to get high. Bob Marley was a True Believer.

Snoop Dogg

3 reasons for Snoop Dogg being on the Mt. Rushmore of Pot:

1.) His first album was “The Chronic”

2.) He claims to smoke, on average, “80 blunts a day”. From anyone else that would be assumed to be hyperbole.

3.) According to actress Cameron Diaz, he was her weed dealer when they were in high school.

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