There are some places we have dined at specifically for the grill skills some places offer. Of course, everyone's tastebuds aren't the same and are entitled to their own opinions.

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So you may feel West Texas Chophouse makes the best brisket while I believe State Line does. Now there is only one way a place can claim bragging rights is by having a smoke off.

There is a competition coming up that can help determine which establishment in El Paso has the best grilling skills. There will be a Grill Master Smoke Off coming on Sunday, May 15 that will take place at The Grand Terrace.

There will be 4 grill masters competing against each other for the Grill Zaddy title this year. The 4 competitors must back up their words which are claiming to cook a damn good brisket.

But the community is invited to join in on the fun and watch the intense grill master smoke off. Plus there will be local vendors, food trucks, prizes, raffles, live music, and a full bar available. Plus, there will also be a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association.

Another place I would hope to see compete is Desert Oak Barbecue because they too cook one hell of a brisket. If you're curious about where to go for the best brisket in town you won't want to miss this crowning ceremony.

There can only be one winner who can claim bragging rights about being El Paso's 2022 Grill Zaddy. You can get more details and purchase your tickets by clicking here.

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