It's almost Christmas eve, which means one thing for me: it's almost time to make tamales. In my house, we only make tamales on the 24th of December and for a really special occasion- which hopefully doesn't land in the middle of summer because making tamales in 100 degree weather is the worst!

I'm so close to having tamales for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and while making them is a pain in the butt, it's so worth it. However, I've always wondered: if you don't eat tamales for Christmas, what do you eat?

Today on air, I asked Lisa and Nico what's on their Christmas menu? Over at Lisa's house, they have a different menu every year for Christmas- this year her dad is making a roast pork and sweet potato casserole. Nico says his family still indulge in tamales however, his grandfather makes some very delicious escargot! Fancy!

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I also asked our wonderful listeners and got some great responses on our app chat. Sergio said:

"[We're making] tamales, red pozole for Christmas dinner but I'm also making a roasted pork shoulder carnitas style and roasted herb potatoes."

Sounds amazing!

Jess said:

"My dad will be frying tripitas in the back yard at 10 am."

Tripitas are delicious and I'm totally jealous!

Jacob said:

"One year we did a Texas BBQ X-Mas. This year I'm smoking a brisket, and making a smoked macaroni dish with 3 cheeses."

My mouth is watering just reading that!

Adrian said:

"I'm smoking a brisket and pork butt, also making mac n cheese in the smoker."

Erica said:

"I’m making brisket this year! Ya! No more turkey!"

And finally, Jay said that on his Christmas menu is an El Paso favorite:

"Pozole all the way"

If anything, all these submissions just made me hella jealous! I would gladly accept invitation to any of these Christmas dinners! I think the consensus was that brisket is big for Christmas dinner around these parts!

I'm sure whatever you're having for Christmas dinner, what's more important is that you're having it with the people who matter. Merry Christmas!

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