Time to play our favorite game: 2020 Disaster Bingo! As always, in 2020 anything can happen and probably anything can kill you; 2020 is the Australia of years. On this edition we have beloved actor Rick Moranis. You may know him from such films as "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", "Ghostbusters" and of course "Spaceballs". That guy, Rick Moranis, who took a hiatus from acting in 1997 to take care of his kids after his wife died of cancer! He's an all around great guy, but today, someone in Manhattan decided it was a good idea to sucker punch Rick Moranis and that is taking it too far, 2020.

Rick Moranis was assaulted in New York City on Thursday morning. Police said it happened in broad daylight just before 7:30 AM.

A representative for the actor confirmed that it was indeed Moranis who was randomly assaulted stating:

Rick Moranis was assaulted on the Upper West Side yesterday. He is fine but grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes.

According to the Associated Press, Moranis took himself to the hospital and then later to the police station to report the incident.

Despite his rep saying Moranis is fine, it didn't stop people from being outraged. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, said his "blood is boiling" over the unprovoked attack, stating what all of us were thinking: YOU. DON'T. TOUCH. HIM.

Rick Moranis is so loved and recognized that it makes you question, how did this attacker not realize who he just attacked? Was it drugs? Was he upset that Moranis didn't cameo in the new "Ghostbusters"? Until we find this man, we may never know!

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