Through out the course of rock or any musical genre a strong rhythm section and a strong bass player are the glue that hold's any band together. The list of phenomenal drummer's is way too long but my favorites are some music's best!

Growing up a natural at keeping a steady beat I know how hard it is to play and maintain that rhythm to keep the beat in time. When I was younger the late great John Bonham from Led Zeppelin was my teacher metaphorically speaking. This man was a beast and is still one of the top dogs drummer's from around the world recognize.

Another drummer who caught my attention is Arejay Hale from the rock band, Halestorm. This guy is like watching Animal from the Muppets! If you haven't bared witness to this highly energetic and phenomenal kit beater well what are you waiting for?

Now, I know that your taste and mine are different, I only scratched the surface. If you could hand pick your rhythm section who would you like to play in your band?