There were so many families looking forward to their summer trip until COVID-19 wrecked those plans. Since COVID-19 came about, we've had to incorporate new adjustments to our lifestyle.

Those new adjustments include wearing a face mask, washing hands, and more importantly practice social distancing. Some families have been cautious as to where their family can have some fun. I don't blame them for staying indoors to help keep their family safe during this time.

Hearing about White Sands National Park opening their doors was a big relief to me.

In my opinion, White Sands National Park is the perfect getaway that isn't far away and has wide-open space. White Sands. Amazing Places On Our Planet shows just how much wide-open space you have which you can see above if you've never been.

Ever since I was a kid I've always enjoyed visiting White Sands National Park since the road trip doesn't take forever. This family fun outing is only an hour and a half away from El Paso.

White Sands National Park has is opening under certain conditions in order to maintain pandemic guidelines. Their services will be limited, so check their website before you go.

White Sands National Park only asks two things of you; please do not bring a large group of people with you and make sure to clean up after yourself. We already have to worry about getting each other sick, let us not worry about killing mother nature too.

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