There is a photo that is being shared that will take your breath away.

Most of us have gone to White Sands National Park during beautiful weather.

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Clearly we would not want to go when the weather is bad such as wind, snow, or rain. Also, I am sure White Sands National Park wouldn't allow anyone to visit during bad weather.

But after a heavy rain storm passed through White Sands someone was able to capture a photo of the beauty. You're probably wondering how White Sands National Park could look beautiful after the rain filled some parts of the park.

Stephen Tures visited White Sands National Park and shared an extraordinary photo of the aftermath. Looking at his photo of what White Sands looks like after the rain is just magnificent.

Not only is the picture of White Sands flooded grounds magnificent, but it is also breathtaking. When you look at Stephen Tures photo it doesn't look very much like a desert.

If anything it looks the opposite of a desert and more like an ocean as KRQE Meteorologist Grant Toserud mentioned. Some may easily confuse the picture for the Salt Flats except for the picnic tables that help distinguish it isn't Salt Flats.

I don't know about you but I sure as hell would like to visit White Sands after a rainy day. Plus, I am sure I'm not the only one who would want to visit if White Sands looks how it does. But Stephen Tures did mention how sitting in the water part was crucial and I think we all could take his word for it.

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