I've stressed this SO many times in things I have written before when it comes to El Paso. In case you forgot, I have always given my two cents about El Paso having bipolar weather. I feel like the weather in El Paso decided to throw us a curve ball today. To go from a sunny and warm Christmas to a cold windy day after sounds like El Paso. That is exactly what happened yesterday and today with our weather. I feel like El Paso had the weather backward these couple of days. Normally Christmas Day should have the cold front while the day after could be a warm and sunny day. Nope! Not when it comes to El Paso weather though. Our weather on Christmas Day yesterday was sunny while today surprised us with some rain and a cold front. It looks like this year we had a similar Christmas to California weather wise. I would like to know you prefer the winter or sunny type of weather on Christmas Day. Place your vote down below!

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