It is absolutely the tastiest toast ever. Anywhere. Period. Where in Texas was it invented though?

Just about every state has a dish they are credited with being the best at making. Only Texas has it's own toast though.

It's really simple to make ... take an extra thick slice of bread, load up both sides with butter and grill it for a little while as opposed to toasting it. This keeps it a moister and it tastes soooo good.

The birthplace of Texas Toast was a restaurant known as "The Pig Stand". Who, it is said, asked for thicker bread slices. Their baker obliged but did too good of a job and the slices wouldn't fit in the restaurants toaster.

A quick thinking cook decided to grill it and voila, Texas Toast. The question about it's point of origin involves which Pig Stand came up with this brilliant and tasty solution.  According to

The Kirby’s Pig Stand restaurant chain began in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff in the 1920s. By the 1940s, they had over 100 locations nationally. Interestingly, the chain also claims to have invented the onion ring.

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More on the onion ring thing later. The Pig Stand in Beaumont claims they were the Texas Toast originators and that has pretty much been the accepted story.

The Pig Stand chain went bankrupt so, it doesn't look like this debate will ever be settled once and for all.

Don't be too sad about that though, you can still visit the Pig Stand because there is one left. The last standing Pig Stand is in San Antonio and, yes, they will happily serve you Texas Toast.

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